The Honey Bee Sanctuary has surplus honey.             Honey is produced Only by Local Bees from Native Wildflowers in the Santa Susana mountains.

The Bees are not used for Pollination Services which can Concentrate certain Harmful Chemicals in the Honey and Wax, and Stress Out the Bees.

The Bees are Exclusively from Local Stock. Bees at the Honey Bee Sanctuary are not purchased from out of the area or from other States.

Honey as Natural as it can BEE !

Swarm & Hive Removal

Fee for Most Services starting at $150.00

Travel Fee May Apply

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Local Honey Bee Sanctuary 

Local Bees   Local Honey   Local Beekeeper

This Humanitarian Effort is Focused on Increasing the Local Honey Bee Population

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Captured & Relocated to a Honey Bee Sanctuary in Simi Valley. Honey Bee Removal, Swarms, Hives in Simi Valley. Honey Bee Removal, Swarms, Hives in Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Westlake, West Hills.

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Honey Bees Need Your Help Too !

It takes hundreds of dollars and hours each year to house and care for each Honey Bee Colony that is Relocated to the Honey Bee Sanctuary.

Please Support your Local Beekeeper and our Local Honey Bees by Donating a small amount to this Humanitarian Cause.

Local MarrLand Premium Wildflower Honey Available !

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$15.00 - 16oz bottle