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Backyard Native Beekeeping Training, Set Up & Consultation

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Captured & Relocated to a Honey Bee Sanctuary in Simi Valley. Honey Bee Removal, Swarms, Hives in Simi Valley. Honey Bee Removal, Swarms, Hives in Moorpark, Thousand Oaks, Agoura Hills, Canoga Park, Chatsworth, Westlake, West Hills.

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Honey Bees & Native Bees Need Your Help Too !

Please Support your Local Beekeeper and our Local Native & Honey Bees by Donating a small amount to this Humanitarian Cause.

Incorporate Native Bees to help offset the high cost of Exclusively using Honey Bees for Pollination.

Create your own Nesting Habitat and Keep the Bees for the next Season !

Using this method could help you reduce the cost of using so many Honey Bees each growing season.

1 Native Bee = 100 Honey Bees.

That's Powerful & Efficient Pollination that Saves Money !

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Honey Bee Swarm & Hive Removal

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(Spring only)

Beekeeping Lessons

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(Bees to Honey)

The Blue Orchard Bee (Osmia Lignaria Propinqua) is just one of our many local native bees that are currently being trapped for breeding purposes and use on local farms. Studies have shown that our native bees are actually Very Good Pollinators and should be used in conjunction with the Honey Bees.

They Nest in holes. The Female bee lays an egg in the hole with a clump of pollen for the larvae to eat. A wall is created to seal off the larvae so it can grow. The process is repeated with female bees being laid first and the last one being a male. The male emerges first and mates with the females. Providing nesting holes is essential to increasing populations.

Local Native Bee Rearing 

This Humanitarian Effort is Focused on Increasing the Local Native Bee Population

All of the Colonies brought to the Honey Bee Sanctuary are cared for and properly managed for the purpose of increasing their local populations. Each Colony has the ability to be "Split" thereby creating as many as 5 more additional colonies and 5 more Queen Bees !

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Local Honey Bee Sanctuary 

This Humanitarian Effort is Focused on Increasing the Local Honey Bee Population

Grower Assistance - Native Bee Pollination Service

On site consultation - Ask

Habitat Set up & Training - Ask - per acre ~ 500 to 1,000 nesting sites

Gentle and Easy to Raise - They have No Hive to defend so they are less aggressive than Honey Bees

Excellent Pollinators - 1 native bee can do as much pollination work as 100 Honey Bees. They carry Dry Pollen, not Sticky Pollen like Honey Bees do

The flight range from their Nest is only about 300' so they stay close to the trees or crops. Honey Bees can fly miles from their hive

They Hibernate in the Winter

No protective suit needed to work with them as they rarely Sting

No Honey is made so much of their energy is dedicated to Pollination